Who we are

We and partners for Tungsram, Sylvania Lighting, TM Technologie, Schiefer, SLV, Tronix, Elwatt, Avolux, PUG Lighting, Optonica, Proled, Paulmann, General Electric, Opple, Avide, TesLight, Orno, Mean Well, Steinel, Kodak, Imagination.


Our specialty is combining creativity, quality design and technical characteristics. We cooperate with architects, interior designers, builders, engineers, and directly with investors and clients.

Why us

Our supply includes a complete offer of lighting fixtures from a well-known manufacturer such us world corporations TUNGSRAM and Sylvania, which we have been importing and distributing to the entire Croatian market for a 25 years.


If you are looking for indoor and outdoor lighting, design services, household lighting or professional lighting for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, residential buildings, warehouses, production halls, sports facilities and more, we are the right choice for you.


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